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Automatic Vs Manual Car – Differences – Advantages And Disadvantages

For those of you who are confused to choose automatic vs manual car then you can pay attention to the article below so you will not regret later if you already bought a car. So what should be noted in choosing Car Matic vs Manual, as follows:

  1. Fuel Oil

In addition to seeing the price set by the seller to the buyer, especially buyers should pay attention to what fuel used cars to be purchased. In this automatic or manual car, the fuel used is fuel oil so fuel oil itself becomes one of the things to note. So how to distinguish the use of fuel oil on the car automatic and manual that is if the manual car many say that the manual car is economical than a car that motor automatic.

Thoroughly first what is the cause of waste, In a car with a manual engine is often said to be efficient because his driver always adjusts to what he needs like using the speed of the engine and use the clutch, if you want to move gears then the brakes are low. While the automatic car cannot be arranged like a manual car so tend to experience irregular rotation.

  1. Treatment

As the owner of the vehicle must also pay attention to how to care for the car automatic or manual car. In automatic and manual cars also have differences in terms of care. Many of its benefits if the car owner knows the schedule for car maintenance, especially those who have a car automatic engine. So far the car automatic is in dire need of regular maintenance even can be spelled out often than a car that is still manual.

In car care automatic routinely and definitely spend a budget that is not small then, at least the owner to pay attention to his vehicle about the change of oil and other car checks for the car automatic that we have durable and comfortable if used in everyday life. If the car automatic damage, the cost is much more expensive than the damage to the manual car. The manual car that is famous for its efficient and its ease in terms of maintenance, if the manual car is damaged then the cost incurred not as much as the cost incurred if the car automatic damaged.

  1. Convenience

In terms of comfort, both automatic and manual car engines also have differences. But the difference is not too high because in terms of convenience is dependent on the users of each car or can be called according to taste. This convenience can be influenced on the rider directly like the expertise of riders in driving a car, new or old car that we use is also not very influential but that is how we are in caring and maintaining our car.

There is a new car but it is not comfortable because of the use of too aggressive and otherwise there is a car has been long but still comfortable because it is often caring and regularly controlled with a careful driver in driving a car.

Before buying a car or manual automatic also need to know if the car is purchased will be used for what and in use where. Each use definitely gets a different driver. For the new riders is actually a car automatic is easier to control than a car that has a manual engine that has complicated rules.

In a car with manual engine must have full concentration in riding him because in the manual car there is a gas pedal, brakes and also the transmission lever so many riders who judge that using a manual car was less comfortable.

  1. Acceleration

When using a car automatically, the driver can feel comfortable when driving a car on a busy road. However, in this automatic car acceleration is still less respond. Matic cars and manual cars are very different because the manual car acceleration is more responsive if used on the road. In the use of the car, automatic should be more concerned whether the car used automatic engine brake or not using the engine brake Because many automatic cars that do not use engine brake.

Engine brake itself serves as a brake that can make the machine function more leverage. But not all automatic cars have engine brake. Therefore, when driving a car on a declining road should be more careful because if in a state of decline often use braking. All have been presented what is the difference between the car automatic and manual car so that buyers can decide the decision to buy a car that is the automatic or manual engine.


Car Matic

What you need to know from all the automatic cars available. Here will be discussed all the advantages and disadvantages that have been owned by car automatic. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of car automatic as follows:

Excess Matic Car

Cars that use the automatic system that has developed very rapidly, especially in the country of Indonesia. There are various reasons that are said by everyone who wants to buy an automatic car, many say that the automatic car has its own ease in driving it, ease in operating it, and also more comfortable than using a manual car.

With the development of the more advanced so that the car that manual transmission that developed into an automatic transmission. Matic car is very suitable for women because of its ease. Matic cars have some advantages such as

    Easy use because it has a kind of automatic engine that makes it easier for the driver on the way.

    not too complicated because the automatic car is quite interesting gas alone can be a different way with a manual car must use the clutch and set the new teeth can walk.

    Motorists will not feel automatically tired when using this automatic car because this car only uses gas and brake. different from the manual car still have to use clutch and gear that the rider must be active in the journey.

    Crowded streets or quiet roads taste just the same because only use gas and brakes only.

Disadvantages of Matic Car

Besides having advantages, this automatic car also has some drawbacks, let us refer to below:

    Has a budget cost of care a lot or expensive because technicians or workshops who understand the engine car automatic just a little compared to technicians who know very well with a manual car. What it should be often done in car care automatic is changing the oil regularly because the rotation that is in the car automatic more often spin and cannot be regulated its rotation like another manual car. In addition to expensive maintenance, auto parts on motorized cars are more expensive than a manual car.

    Matic car is very wasteful in the use of fuel because it is the rotation that makes the car automatic become wasteful than a manual car.

    Automatic cars have high purchase prices and low sales prices. Why are new automatic cars expensive? because the new automatic car has more comfort than a car that is still manual. and vice versa why the selling price of car automatic is very cheap? because car automatic is very difficult and expensive in doing service.

    Can not engine brake because in this automatic car there are no gears. If used on a downhill road only operate the brakes. The automatic car is not as aggressive as its ordinary manual car.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the automatic car you should know. Every motor vehicle must have its flaws even has its advantages as well. Depends on you guys who want to ride it. Everyone has their own perceptions – each in determining the choice of vehicle.

Manual Cars

After you all know what is owned by car automatic then you also have to know what is owned by the car manual, so you understand and confident in determining the choice between Car Matic Vs Manual. Here are some advantages and disadvantages possessed by a manual car.

Excess Manual Car

The manual car also has its own advantages when compared with car automatic car, the advantages of manual cars like the following:

    Has excellent acceleration

    Can meet all the needs and desires that want the driver

    Irritating in the use of Fuel (BBM)

    The cost of maintenance is very cheap or minimal

    Less Repair cost if there is damage

Manual Car Shortage

If you already know all the advantages of the car then you also know some shortcomings of the manual car, As follows:

    Driving a manual car is more difficult because it has to have full concentration.

    Faster getting tired of manual driving

    The driver’s comfort level is less

Here are some that you should consider in choosing between automatic vs. car manual so you do not experience errors in choosing a car.

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