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Pentagon Create “Hybrid” Motorcycle

Washington, – After the French brand, Furion Motorcycle announced a hybrid motorcycle, this time similar news came from America. However, not from the two-wheeled automobile manufacturer, but the Department of Defense (Pentagon).

Pentagon is currently working on a motorcycle for a special force called SilentHawk. According to its developer Logos Technologies, SilentHawk’s prototype is a hybrid-electric motorcycle type, designed for tactical infiltration.

Simply put, the special forces of America require a small silent vehicle capable of carrying two people, as well as equipment on the battlefield or combat, to surprise, catch or kill bad people.

SilentHawk, small and slim, makes it suitable for wilderness, narrow mountain lanes or rocky landscapes. The motor uses a hybrid powertrain along with a 5.8 kWh lithium-ion battery. Combustion engines can be fed from standard gasoline to propane, AVGAS (Aviation Gasoline), even jet fuel.

In this way, the motor can run up to 170 miles without refueling, including two hours in electric mode with one charger. This special motorcycle can also reach a top speed of 80 mph, weighing 350 pounds.

“Because they are motorcycles and relatively small, we can put some units behind V-22 helicopters, where they can be lowered somewhere,” said Doug Rombough, VP Business Development Logos Technologies.

“The only sound that will be generated by the motorcycle when driving is a tire friction with the road surface and motorcycle chain,” said Rombough.

Another exciting feature of this bike is the all-wheel-drive system, to get better traction in rough terrain. However, the developers have not given the green light to enter the production line, because there are still some things that will be developed again, making it more perfect.

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