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Tips On Car Delivery

Sending a car is not like sending a letter, we just leave it to the mail postman was able to get to the destination address safely. Car shipping requires a slightly more complicated process than document delivery.

The initial process of a car auto transportation required is some data concerning our car, which is then required for the maintenance of vehicle insurance as well as the making of necessary documents.

Then after all the data we prepare, we just choose a car delivery service that can be trusted. Many of the existing car delivery services but not all have a good reputation and provide excellent service to its customers. Choose a service delivery that has a good standard of service without distinguishing sending a used car or new treatment remains the same.

At the time of the day that we have specified to make the delivery before the car is sent to do a physical check in detail and do the recording of any items that are prone to damage when shipping with known delivery officers.

After the physical check of the vehicle is completed, then the handover of the vehicle, we will get the attachment of the vehicle receipt that has been filled with physical check data earlier, and the letter to be matched on the handover of the vehicle if the car has arrived at the destination.

Which should not forget to also check the condition of the fuel tank, lest any fuel is left in the tank. Perform fuel depletion to avoid the occurrence of fire during the delivery of the car.

If there are abnormalities in our car after shipment, please report at that time, before the shipping service officer who leaves your place, the goal to complain that we can convey a quick response.

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